Want to Pay Bills With Your Phone? 4 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

Planning on switching to the convenience of paying your bills with your phone? Imagine how much easier and more efficient your budget will be when you can do it right on the spot! When it comes to using a smartphone to make purchases or pay your bills, not everyone is aware of this great option.

If you’re looking to use your phone as a mobile wallet or pay instantly when you visit a retailer, maybe this option is for you. Here are four questions you need to ask yourself.

Are you tech savvy?

Your level of comfort and knowledge with technology will play a huge role in deciding whether you want to pay with your phone. You must be able to understand how the companies work and the safety requirements on using your phone for mobile purchases. All it takes is a few simple steps and being cautious about using public Wi-Fi.

Are you concerned about privacy with your phone?

If you are concerned with your privacy, it is important to understand that companies will gain access to your information. Once you’ve got the operating system, you will also gain access to the mobile payment platform. That means other parties will get involved in your mobile payments and possible receive information from your mobile device.

Do you hate waiting in line?

Mobile ordering takes out the hassle of long waits. When you purchase with your smartphone, there are some apps that will save you the stress of waiting in line and order through their mobile app.

Do you enjoy loyalty programs and coupons?

Are you someone who enjoys using your free coffee card and coupons that will help you grab a great discount? Mobile wallets will give you promotional deals that you can’t use with regular pay. One major benefit is to use them for in-store payments as many apps offer great deals with different retailers that will automatically log your purchase through their loyalty program. Other apps will also use your GPS capabilities to offer instant deals.


For those looking for convenience, paying with your phone will seem like a smart idea. However, it is important to understand the process and risks that come with mobile wallet solutions.

Do you plan on using a mobile wallet to pay your bills and shop? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!


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