6 Ways You Can Save Money on the Latest Smartphones

With all the latest smartphones out on the market, there are plenty of options as well as temptations that most mobile users give in to. However, over 70% of people who constantly upgrading to the latest models with over 4 billion users this year. With all that temptation, it’s no wonder why many users end up spending more money than they should.

Here are six ways you can money on the latest smartphones.

Wait Three Months

Major phone companies like Apple are known to release your models frequently and showcase their features. If you are an early adapter to gadgets, you are more likely to indulge and pay more for the newest version right away. However, if you can hold off, the best time to buy a new model is after three months of its release.

Skip Apple Products

While loyal Apple users claim they receive a lot of technology for their price, they end up purchasing the same phones with just a single new feature. This causes them to miss out on all the budget-friendly options getting by other companies.

Trade or Sell Your Phone

If your current phone is still under value, why not sell it for a good price to use towards your next phone? The catch is you must sell it before the new models come out as they will reduce the value of your phone.

Take Advantage of Older Models

Go ahead of grab the older versions of the latest smartphone. The price depreciation is caused by the new product on the market. If you’ve been using your old iPhone 5 since the launch of iPhone 6, why not wait until the release of the next iPhone 8 to get the new iPhone 6 versions?

Grab a Contract

Depending on the carrier you use, you can opt for a contract. This might be the cheaper way to get a new phone. While you might be locked in for two yours, this could also save you half the price you would’ve paid for if you didn’t.

Do you plan on getting a new smartphone with a great deal? What are your thoughts on the latest smartphones? Comment below and let us know!

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