4 Ways You Can Save Big On Your Phone Upgrade

You’ve bought your new phone and it’s got all the latest features with the sleek style and more. Then a day passes and a newer, even cooler phone comes out on the market. This makes many consumers wonder, is spending all that money on a new phone even worth it nowadays?

That question alone leaves us wondering, even with the frequent market of Apple’s annual iPhone releases. It is important to consider how much of a different will it cost with the new version, is it worth it, and will you save money if you hold on to your old phone rather than upgrade?

It is important to consider these questions before you get tempted into splurging on a new model. With all the carriers, plans, and contract options, these will leave you guessing on how much you could save.

Here are four ways you can save big on your phone upgrade.

Stick to your phone and plan

While you might be tempted to splurge on the latest model if your current phone is working well, why switch? If you’ve got a contract, your provider should be able to give you an upgrade if your current phone is experiencing difficulty. Not only will you save money, you will not be reduced to poor performance or the lack of an upgrade. Just as with all devices, your smartphone will devalue once you open the box.

The best time to upgrade is when you start experiencing technical issues. When you are eligible for an upgrade, your carrier will usually add value to your plan and help save you money.

Upgrade to a major carrier

If you are set on upgrading your smartphone, you can find the cheapest option by comparing all your phone plan options. Some companies offer subsidized phones, which will leave you with a hefty discount. However, you will be obligated to stay within the carrier for a minimum of two years.

Most of the basis career plans include subsidized plans, no-contract plans, financing plans, and trade-in and leasing plans. No matter which option you choose, you will most likely end up paying the same amount within the first two years of your plan.

Use your old phone on a discount service

If you are able to unlock your current phone, why not switch to a new carrier at a cheaper rate. This will save you a ton of money. Most discount carriers will offer the same service features with a whole lot more savings.

Get a brand new phone with a budget-friendly carrier service

Due to the demand of competition, most cellular carriers are changing their business models. While some offer a great deal of unlimited talk, text, and date for a mere $25, other fancy options will charge you $130 for the same option. So what do you do? Get the phone you want, but choose a cheaper carrier.


Basically, the longer you hold out on a new upgrade, the more you will save. Consider these four ways to help you save more money on your next upgrade.

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