Interested in advertising with Open Phone? We provide a variety of options in the advertisement to help you get your message through our website.

Check out what we have to offer:

Sponsorship Button Advertisement

The sponsorship button option will appear on each page within the website. The button will be placed below the heading sponsors. All button placements will be set at random locations as we provide equal exposure to our advertisers.

Strip Post Advertisement

The strip post advertisement will be displayed with an included text that will appear on the top center of the website. The strip post advertisement is also the first element to load and the first thing viewers will see when they visit the website.

Premium Sponsorship Advertisement

The premium advertisement will appear on the center top of the page. Our premium sponsorship advertisement will be displayed in rotation. The premium advertisement must not be larger than 25k pixels.

Sponsored Content

Open Phone accepts sponsored content that will provide as most useful to our viewers. We accept useful guides, discounts, and promotions.

At Open Phone, our advertisements are offered on a bi-monthly basis upon subscription. Your advertisement will be automatically renewable until you decide to cancel the subscription and the contract ends.